Luxe Australian Swimwear Label

NAIAD, a “water nymph” in classical mythology.

NAIAD is an Australian based brand that embodies the Australian beach lifestyle. Our sustainable swimwear collections feature modern silhouettes and exclusive prints made from the finest Italian fabrics.                              

Environmental Commitment 

NAIAD is committed to minimising our environmental impact. 

We aim to reduce the use of plastics in our packaging. Plastics that are used for shipping and storage purposes are recycled, given to projects that regenerate plastics making them into new items. 

High Quality Sustainable Fabrics

Our swimwear base fabrics are made using innovative technology that regenerates fibres from post-consumer goods. Quality is not compromised during the regeneration process; the result a durable, soft to touch luxurious fabric that is ultra-chlorine resistant and eco-friendly.

Recycled Bikinis Made from Fishing Nets

Fishing nets can be harmful in the accidental capture of marine life, remaining adrift for long periods of time. Our solid colour base fabrics are produced using regenerated fibres from recycling fishing nets and other post-consumer nylons. As an initiative to combat marine litter, discarded 'ghost' fishing nets are recovered from the ocean, then regenerated into sustainable yarn products.

Recycled Swimwear Made from Plastic Bottles

Our printed base fabrics are produced using fibres made from the recycling of consumer goods such as plastic bottles and containers. PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a material found in many food product containers that can be reworked and re-used to make high quality products, whilst maintaining its basic characteristics. 

Our fabrics are made in Italy and have been thoroughly tested for strength and durability.

Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Sustainable Fabric

Ultra Chlorine Resistant

Resistant to Sun Creams and Oils

Excellent UV Protection

Soft and Smooth Finish

Ethical Sourcing

To ensure worker safety and fair work standards, our garment factories are audited independently every 12 months using the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) model.


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